Appreciating and Coaching Your Team

18 Dec

A friend and I were discussing the importance of appreciation towards our down line and our coaching abilities. From past experiences in other companies we recognized the lack of appreciation and coaching from our up lines.

  1. Promises were made, but not delivered.
  2. The communication was minimal. Unless there was a goal they wanted to achieve for themselves. As long as we were doing what we were supposed to do- they did not contact us. However, once we were below our minimum requirement they contacted us.
  3. Plus, there seemed to be a secret that they would keep from sharing of their successes. Like they wouldn’t tell us everything.

Here are some things I noticed as I built a team.

People Join A Business with People They Like

It is important to understand that the reason people join a business is not just because of the company or the product, but because of the person who will sponsor them. They feel that if they have questions they can talk to them and that their sponsor won’t leave them high and dry. It is highly important to make sure they know you are there for continued support and recognition.

Recognize Achievements

Once you become a team leader, you have to start appreciating your team member from the beginning. If it was not for our down line or team members, we would not be promoted, earn bonuses, earn trips, etc. We would not achieve the success we desire if it wasn’t for them. Stay in touch with your team. At least once a month make phone calls and addthem to an email list. Offer webinars, have holiday parties, send birthday cards. Send gifts to them for reaching their goals. Even if a show which was small to you may of been a greater achievement for your consultan. Send her a card or a small token for her hard work. Every step in their business is a step towards your own personal achievements. One has to learn to give in order to receive.

Focus On The Ones Who Are Producing

We sometimes get caught up in why some of our team is not producing they way we were hoping they would. They started off being gung ho. You make monthly phone calls, offer local trainings and webinars or conference calls and they did not respond then it is not you.

Maybe it is them. Life gets in the way. See if they are okay. In the beginning of my “interview” with every new recruit, I ask them “Why are you joining this company? What are your goals?” That way I can train them accordingly or be there in the capacity they need me in. Some people are go getter’s and do not need much hand holding. Others need more, they never did direct sales before. Either way, if I know I started off with the proper coaching from the beginning and they don’t utilize it, then I know it is them. Is some one ill? Are they putting it on the back burner for a while? Are they not happy with the company/ product as they hoped? Are they getting the support or non-support from family members? Are they having a problem booking shows? By asking these questions, and being available you will have a better grasp of who you should focus on and who you can let know that you are there when they are ready to come back. Focus on the generators and let the others who have slowed down that you are there when they are ready to pick it up again.

Coaching and Training Does Not Create Overnight Success

Remember where you were when you started your business. Not every one has the same circumstances or drive as you did. Everyone may achieve the same goal you did however it may take longer or shorter. Just because you did it in 3, 6 or 9 months. It may take them 1 year, 18 months. Recognize their talents and strengths. Push them a little bit at a time. Let them test their own potential. But do not criticize. “Oh, I got to be Senior Consultant in 3 months” or “I got top Director in 1 year, you can too.” I am sure they can, but again it is the drive of the individual. You did not do it over night and neither will they.

Coaching is a technique and skill that many people do not possess. It takes time and patience to exemplify what our leaders have learned to do over many months or years. Utilize them, pick their brain, read books, listen to audio cassettes, dvds, or cds. You can be a great example to your team as a great leader.


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