Go With Your Gut!

14 Dec

In a previous post “Where Dreams Do Come True” I mentioned how a team of people can create a large contribution to ones’ personal dream and goal. If it wasn’t for my passionate friends and consultants who see the same vision I do when promoting and sharing Home Party Divas, we would not be here.

I had a muse, dream, inspiration or whatever you want to call it come to me in the evening 1 year ago. I shared this thought when I was out and about at trade shows. I received some interest. We started with 3 groups in one county. Now we have 5 groups in 3 counties. We only plan to grow more.

I didn’t know how we would get here. I do want to take this nationwide. However, it will take time and doors will open up. Our organization’s mission is to empower women, encourage strengnth and independence and in doing so increase confidence, sales, bookings and recruits to our businesses. We plan to share topics on how to strengthen and coach our teams, provide excellent customer service to our customers, build strong relationships in the groups, events and recognition awards.

I had moments of giving up. I had moments of being scared of success. But they were just moments. Confronting your obstacles and questioning “how will I do this” will be answered. In your own personal or business life, you need to listen to that inner voice. It doesn’t come from your head or your heart. It comes from the gut. We all have it. Perserverance comes from your gut, unsure feelings can be solved from your gut. Don’t ignore it. The gut is usually right.

So follow not just your heart and mind, but your gut. I did and now positive things are in motion. The question on “how I am going to do this” is being answered. Share your gut feelings with me I would love to hear a positive change that happened when you did so.


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