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Surviving the J-Months (January June July)

25 Apr

January can be a letdown for some direct sellers who are coming off a busy Christmas season.  June is hard to get bookings with grads and dads. July can be just as difficult with summer heat and planned vacations. Because of the above mentioned challenges, successful party plan consultants often find themselves working harder during the J-months than any other.

It would be a mistake to take these months off. Some consultants have the attitude that if it is slow, they might as well just wait until it picks back up again before they start working.  The problem with that logic is that the party plan direct sales business requires constantly planning ahead.  Planning for the current month, in the current month isn’t going to be very fruitful.  The time to schedule June Open Houses or July pool or patio themed parties is in May.

November and December can be very busy months for direct sellers. They are also months when sales and bookings come much easier and don’t require working as hard to get them.  Because of the easier sales during the holiday season, it’s also the prime time to challenge yourself by setting up for January.

The J-months could require being creative or, in some cases, going back to basics to keep your business running at an even pace.  If you’re struggling it may be because you’ve veered too far off the simple system that your company has set up for you. Or just the opposite, sometimes it requires you to do something a little differently.  Figure out which adjustment is needed for your business.

Use the five ideas below to help prevent your J-Months from being a snooze-fest.

  1. Online Efforts – Fresh content is the key.  Whether you have a website or a blog, adding fresh content will keep your readers interested and can even help drive more traffic to your website. Updating a blog twice a week should be the minimum standard.  Anything less than that, and you’re going to see little to no results.
  2. Offer Special Promotions – many companies will offer additional hostess or customer specials during the J-Months because they recognize it can be a slower time of year. Take full advantage of these extra specials. If you predetermine that no one on your mailing list would be interested in the specials, then you’re doing a disservice to your sales business. Spread the word…
  3. Direct Mailings – Cold calling and soliciting is highly frowned upon by many companies, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break into new markets. Why not mail some catalogs to a targeted audience?  Decide which market segments could benefit from your products. Depending on your product line, potential groups could be daycare centers, animal shelters, senior living communities, or apartment complexes. After a few days, you should call to follow up.

4. Product Displays – Do you know anyone who owns or works at a salon, boutique, or any other establishment that gets a fair amount of foot traffic?  Ask the manager or owner if you could set up a small display at their reception desk for a week or two.  Be sure to leave product catalogs and business cards too.

  1. Ask for referrals – If you’re not comfortable asking friends, family or other contacts for referrals of people they know who may be interested in your business opportunity or product offering, ask where they get their hair cut, or what vet their puppy uses or if they can think of any other business owner who may be willing to set up a display.

It doesn’t matter what month it is now.  Those slower J-months: January, June and July arrive at the same time every year.  Plan ahead and while your competitors are sitting idle and frustrated, you’ll be busy with your business.


How to Book Summer Parties

11 Jun

Book Your Summer Parties

Our call last night with Debbie Shulman, CEO and Business Coach and Patti Serrano, Business Coach was energetic and fun. Basically we found the questions we answered were over coming obstacles just a different excuse because its in a different season. “I don’t do home shows/ parties. ” “I am busy with the kids.” Yes, we know all of us have plans and vacations, but it comes down to getting in front of more faces.  My saying has always been- PEOPLE are your inventory. If no one new is being added to your list (inventory) you will go out of business. It is not the products, lotions, potions. what you know or don’t know- it is PEOPLE. Keep collecting info and building relationships. They are your best asset. People can connect you with other influential people.

Some suggestions to get started:

1. Do your own open house party

2. Create a  summer theme- ice cream party. Pina Colada, Margarita parties

3. Create Flash Sales

4. Have short one hour parties

5. Play dates with a showcase of your product (let the moms now of course)

6. Join places you can take the kids. Maybe your child’s gymnastic school can have a vendor show.

Join Home Party Divas 🙂 Hint, hint! 

This call will give you some ideas that will help you overcome the objections, help your parties stick and most of all improve the slow summer mentality. Listen here.

Have a DivaLicious Day!



Booking Tip 5 of 5

20 Apr

The 5 week series has come to an end. I hope you have enjoyed these tips and will implement them into your shows.
Every season has its reason for people to say no to buying, booking and selling. As the summer heat increases, these reasons/excuses heat up as well. So, how do you keep a full party schedule to have a sizzlin’ summer of sales?

Eliminate Excuses/Reasons before you Encounter them!

How do you do this? With a TWIST on a drawing slip. An outdated (I believe) sales tactic is to “overcome the objection.” My Lemon Aid “Fill-osophy” is to discover a person’s need, follow their lead, and all will succeed! (how poetic!).

To discover this need, I do a TWIST on the traditional door prize slip. (Note: to get the full scope of this message, refer to pages 80-84 of Presentations for Profit$ where I teach a TWIST on the slip; in fact, print out this article and insert it inside your copy of the book for future reference.)

To discover a guest’s need, I suggest creating a drawing slip** specific to the season, in this case the summer.

My slip will have the guest’s name (no other info on here!) and I ask her to circle all the summer activities she’ll be participating in.

Here are some examples:

  • Swinging a golf club
  • Shopping at the mall
  • Babysitting children
  • Playing at the Beach
  • Attending a Wedding
  • Going to a Class Reunion
  • Relaxing by my own pool
  • Remodeling my house
  • Cooking on the grill
  • Vacationing to __________ (they fill in the destination)

I like to give recognition or reward to the person with the most circles and the person with the least. This gives me an indication of their busyness as it can relate to my business. Those with the most circles are pretty busy and I’ll adapt my service.

**This drawing slip is already created in the SUMMER SUCCESS ACTIVITY BOOK that accompanies the Sweet Summer Successes CDs.

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