Are You Sure Your Emails are Getting in your Customer’s Email Boxes?

14 Feb

th (5)Do you have a sales funnel? Do you want people on your email newsletter? Do you want to increase sales? Let me share with you some basic concepts in email marketing.

1. At Events- DO NOT add people’s emails to your list until they say or write down that they want to receive it. It is against Federal Laws to add people’s email addresses to your list WITHOUT their permission. So you must have an Opt In.

2. No One Wants Your Newsletter- They will not read it, unsubscribe or it will end up in spam. People want value. Whether they buy from you that day or not, ask them if they would like to receive coupons and special gifts to use in the future. PROVIDE VALUE!

3. Make sure your emails are being delivered and clickable. Your subject line and your from address is important. Use YOUR name in the subject box. It is more personal than the company’s name. Write directly to them. Use ‘you’ in the body not plural nouns. Remember, only one person is reading the email.

Deliver-ability. use a system like aweber or to ensure they are receiving your email in the inbox and not spam. These two companies have the highest deliverable rate. Having one of these services (mailchimp is free unless you want additional services) will show you how many clicks, who opened it and other important stats.

Clickable…make sure you want people to click on it. Make it interesting where they have to say yes and want to click on it. Saying ‘May Newsletter’ will end up in the trash. Use “Do you have bad breath…?” People who do will say yes, click and read about your tooth paste or mouth wash. So ask a question that will have them say yes and click. Or say something funny like “How my husband started dating again” WHAT??? Your husband is dating? Yeah, share how the two of you started going out again. Funny right? Your emails can offer your latest blog post, website, coupon, sale. Otherwise if it is the latest product sale they will just delete. People are bombarded with this every day.

4. Your email should have your website, social media sites, blog link, phone number. There is no excuse that a customer can not contact you.

5. Have a form on your website or blog offering something of value. Have a box that says “sign up for our monthly newsletter WILL NOT gain you new customer email addresses. But saying “Type your email address in the box for special coupons and events” or give a free tool like we have “Fill this form out for How to Gain New Customers at your Vendor Shows“. Of course many of my potential customers want that info, so they will fill it out and I add them to my email marketing list because they know I am adding them.

These are the basics to get started. Above all, make sure you are collecting names and emails at events, parties and where ever else you are. But make sure you get their permission.



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Debbie Shulman, Owner of Home Party Divas is a mom of 4 and a happy wife in a happy life. Lives in Florida. She loves direct sales and feels it is the best way to own a business without a large investment.


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