Overcoming Challenges of Booking Home Parties

3 Feb

women-party-1One of the most common challenges of being an independent consultant with a home party plan is the ability to get constant bookings.  If you can’t keep your calendar full, it’s difficult to have success in a home party business.  Below are three widespread reasons for less than stellar results in getting bookings. Keep reading, as it is also followed with solutions to overcome these challenges.

1.  The people you talk with aren’t the party-hostess type. It may be that simple. They’re just not into having people over while someone tries to sell them something. Have you ever tried to convince your grandma to try skateboarding? Or tried to sell someone who only buys products made in the USA to purchase a foreign car? There are times that no matter what you say, you will not cause a cat to change her stripes.

2.  You predetermine who would and would not be interested. You’ve decided in your head, “oh so and so wouldn’t be interested.” You don’t even give her the opportunity to consider it. You’ve already decided that her answer will be, “No.”  If you have these psychic abilities to read minds, this may be another career more suited for you, Oh Great Swami.

3.  Maybe, just maybe, the words and phrases you are using make those you talk with want to run! You may say the words “home party” but the person you’re speaking with hears “root canal and IRS audit.” Perhaps saying the same thing with different words may be more palatable.

The Fix:

If you recognize yourself in any of the above scenarios keep reading:

1.  Your direct sales company may permit you to sell in ways other than home parties.  Assuming you can, it may be a better fit for you to sell at craft shows or county fairs. More and more companies are allowing some degree of internet marketing; or maybe fundraisers might be your niche. If you’re getting nowhere trying to book home parties,  try some alternative methods before you frustrate yourself to the point of “this doesn’t work, I’m quitting!”

2.  Stop pre-qualifying everyone and give people a chance to say yes, no or maybe so. Under no condition should you ever, ever, use the word “favor.”  Your host wouldn’t be doing you a favor by agreeing to have a party. You would be doing her a favor by giving her the opportunity to earn free and discounted products. To think otherwise gives the message you’re representing a company that has nothing of value to offer.

3.  Rewrite your script. Omit the words Home Party from your vocabulary. Which sounds more inviting: “Do you want to host a home party and earn hostess benefits?” Or “Free (cosmetics, jewelry, kitchenware) for large orders” ?  Both are offering the same benefits. Maybe “Open House” might bring more favorable results.

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you’re going to keep getting what you’ve been getting. It may be time to change it up a bit.

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Debbie Shulman, Owner of Home Party Divas is a mom of 4 and a happy wife in a happy life. Lives in Florida. She loves direct sales and feels it is the best way to own a business without a large investment.


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