How to Grow your Team Exponentially

13 Dec

– By Tammy Stanley

If you want your team to grow exponentially, and most leaders do like the idea of that, you must create an environment that supports and encourages exponential growth. Growing your team numbers exponentially, requires that you grow exponentially in your personal life and that you be committed to the people on your team growing exponentially in their personal lives.

Have you ever noticed that how you are performing shows up on your team? The reason why is because who you are is what brings about your team, you are the cause, the originator.

The only way to grow your team is to give them what you’ve got, so you need to grow exponentially to ensure you have something to give away that will grow your team exponentially.

Be a voracious learner and your team will emulate you. Share what you are experiencing and your team will admire you and seek to experience what you are experiencing.

Years ago I ran a special incentive for my sales team. I called it “Take The Step You’re Sure You Cannot Take Incentive.” I probably don’t need to explain it to you – the title tends to give it away. The incentive was not limited to their business lives. I deliberately included their personal lives because I knew that the more that my team members took the steps that they were sure they could not take in their personal lives, the more they would see that they could take steps that they were sure they could not take in their business lives as well.

I got the idea when I began to look at the steps that I was afraid to take in my own business and life. Then I got a totally crazy idea to share with my team the steps I had started to take that I had been afraid to take.

Yes, I shared how there were days that I did anything I could think of doing to avoid making prospecting calls. To say that I was nervous about sharing that with my team is a gross understatement. Of course I feared that by sharing how I was far from perfect, I would impact my team in a negative way. However, the impact was completely different than what I feared. Through sharing, I inspired my team to “come clean” that they too avoided making prospecting calls.

By getting authentic about our lousy prospecting habits, we could finally stop pretending that we were prospecting, when in truth, we weren’t. By acknowledging our pretense around prospecting, we experienced real freedom – freedom to now make new declarations.

Not long after that, as a team we created a document that I still see in front of me everyday. We called it “Our Strengths.” Here are some of the declarations in that document: We Love To Play, We Love To Learn, We Receive The Best Training, We Love To Listen, We Love To Grow, We Take The Step We Are Sure We Cannot Take, We Love What We Do And It Shows, We Are Winners, We Are Magic, We Are One.

When you look at that created document, what people truly want in life shines through. While I would agree that it can sure seem like people want more money to afford designer clothing, beautiful homes, and luxury vacations, I cannot imagine anyone I know lying on his/her death bed and lamenting, “Now I really wish I had worked more, made more money, and bought more stuff!” In fact, that sounds silly.

People want to experience freedom, power, and full self-expression; they want what isnot for sale and never will be. People want to grow and become all that they can be.

Grow your team exponentially! Not just in numbers but grow exponentially in your personal lives together! If the only person on your team right now is you, grow yourself personally and you will most assuredly attract a team of people who want what you have.


Author, Sales Trainer, and Professional Speaker Tammy Stanley publishes the propelling ‘Sales Refinery Insights’ weekly ezine for direct sales professionals. If you’re ready to jump-start your direct sales business, make more money, and create more value, get your FREE tips now at


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