How to Be A Bad Vendor

26 Nov

Most of us know how to work a table at an event. But there are many still out there that when I visit events that are just plain rude. Then they wonder why they did not sell, book parties or find team members. Do you do any of these? As a planner, I see and hear everything. Take a moment and read how you or someone you know influences a show.

1 Set up and start moaning about your location. Solution- Planners lay out the floor plan the best way possible so there are no duplicate vendors next to each other. You should engage people when at a show to bring them to your table. There is nothing wrong walking around (if you bring someone to help you) and hand out fliers for specials at your table. Stand in front of your table and invite people in.

2. Complaining it is not busy. Solution- Being a planner is hard and many times I wish that people would put their feet in my shoes. With the advertising, promoting, marketing we do it still takes vendors like yourself to share with your customers where you will be and all of the fun things going on for the family or ladies for a night out. Tell your friends, customers, family. Offer a special promotion at the event only. If there are 20 vendors and each had brought 10 people that is 180 new people at an event for you! One awesome customer who will refer you over and over is better than 10 deadbeats who bought one time.

3. Biggest pet peeve. Being on your phone. Solution- Take photos of your table before the show starts that is when it is most attractive and share before doors open. Do not text as people walk by you. You spent very good money at an event and why be there if you think people will just walk up to you. You have to have all your focus on them. Smile, say hi as they come by. Offer them a sample or hand treatment whatever you have. Pass a flier out.

4. Ignoring customers. Give everyone your attention and let them know you will be right with them even if you are with another customer. Acknowledging them at your table is crucial. How do you feel when you walk in a store and they do not say hello or acknowledge you since you walked in? They are there to spend money and if it is not with you they will find some one else who will give them the courtesy.

5. Having a Bad Attitude– I should have put this first. People hear what you say and how you act and whether you smile or not. I wanted to try a product at an event I was planning and this negative person was complaining the whole time how she was unhappy even though she made sales. Nevertheless everyone else had or seemed to have a good time. That attitude radiates to other vendors and guests. So needless  to say I will not buy these products nor have them back at my events.

Events are not just for the quick sale and if you are into that then your business will go no where far. Why do you think large stores now ask for your email so you can get specials? And why are you are not doing this? If you are- then you know what you are doing.

Having a newsletter to send out thanking them for coming. Sending them a personal note or phone call saying thank you. Capturing their information so they can be a repeat customer and refer is what these are events are about. Especially in home party businesses. A contact may be your best hostess or a future team member. Collecting information and getting yourself in front of new faces is the inventory we need to succeed.

We would love your comments.
Have a DivaLicous Day!

Debbie Shulman, Founder
Home Party Divas, LLC


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