Visualize Success

19 Oct

We had our first of many future Vision Board Workshops at Total Wine in Boynton Beach, FL. I thought it went great. I believe that even though consultants want to book more parties, have more team members, sell and play games it won’t happen until we have the right mindset from the beginning. This workshop helped that.

We had Arbonne, Pampered Chef, Paparazzi $5 Accessories and Lemongrass Spa Products members.

We opened this up just to one group in Florida and guests. The ladies were supplied with the poster board and assortment of magazines, glue and scissors to create the life they want on paper. Images that included the needs and wants they desire were all over the tables. The process of the meeting went so smoothly.  We gave raffle tickets away to people who asked questions for our members to answer. They were then pulled to win prizes from gift certificates, jewelry and the Grand Prize a Diva Handbag!

The wine tasting was very informational and John at Total Wine was awesome! They accommodated us so nicely even though we were a small group. I hope our next workshop will have more people to really learn the basis of creating and posting one in their spare at home or he office.

The most important thing her is that our members were able to sit with guests, talk with them, interact and social in a way they may not of normally do.


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