Let’s Get- Creative!

20 Sep

Shared by Marielly Leon

I have seen and tried many popular ways to be creative yet, a lot of people haven’t incorporated these ideas into their business which can bring not only extra income but can be an added service to their prospects and actual customers.

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Many people haven’t exercised their creative side simply because they think they don’t have one. But I totally disagree. I think EVERYONE has a creative side of some sort. These ideas can be so much fun especially when your customers appreciate that special touch you have provided and the extra time you took to make it special and unique just for them. To me, this is great customer service.
Many things I have seen made are:
*Diaper cakes
*Themed gift baskets
*Candy b
*Candy arrangements
*Candy topiaries
*Towel cakes
*Towel lollipops
And many other things…

60950_378722702221904_856694601_n (1)


Still, there is a lot of people out there that don’t know what these are, and this is where you come to play. So, why not make a goal of learning one creative gift idea a month and provide that as an added service. Isn’t it wonderful to see your customer smile?
Help them make you the best business in town.
Marielly Leon incorporates this in her Younique business, She is also an Independent Consultant with It Works! Global

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