I am NOT your Girl

31 Aug

There was a time in my life I was trying every opportunity in the world. I loved the product- I joined. Not sure why? I know I was not a “kit stealer” I really thought I could make it happen. Then I lost interest. Not that I couldn’t build a team or have customers or parties. I just lost the excitement.

I loved owning my own business. I loved helping others. In my previous life (before direct sales), I was a massage therapist. So helping people feel better was my thing. I also loved connecting people as well- networking. Friends would come to me when it came to asking for someone who does this or that.

One day I sat and spoke with my husband about my goals and dreams. Also about how I do too much of many things and not enough focus on just one thing to make it happen. So I cut back. I cut out selling candles, selling skincare, makeup, home décor so I can focus on my TRUE calling. Helping people build businesses that are successful, motivating and connecting others together. That is when I decided to really move forward with Home Party Divas.

See- not everyone is going to sign up with your company. Many times you may wonder why did that person fall of the grid? I feel that many times people are trying to find their place. Their calling. And it may not be with your company. That is ok. Because if everyone started and stayed with your company there would be no customers for you. Right? I would of rather had an amazing customer than a dead weight consultant.

It is ok that not every opportunity is for everyone. That is my MANTRA. Life happens, things change. people evolve or dissolve. But YOU have to keep moving. YOU are in control of YOUR destiny. Don’t worry about what your up-line will think. You are the ultimate driver of your life. It is whether the company you are with is the right vehicle. But no matter what company that is, make sure you are committed, focused and don’t sign up with every “next” best thing. Remember sometimes the grass is not greener on the other side.

All the Best to Your Success,
Debbie Shulman
Home Party Divas


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