Take Action- You Have to Move

23 Aug

Take-ActionYou cannot make things HAPPEN if you do not take ACTION!

How do you expect to make money, have the time you want and desire by sitting on your tush just hoping and praying?

I believe in G-d. I believe in praying to Him and asking him for guidance and to open doors for me and He has opened them for me. But you know what?

Once I saw the door open, it was up to ME to take Action! He sends people your way. Many times I pray for key people to come into my life that will help me grow and I can help them. And you know what? Within a week  or so- I meet them!

He will stop sending you opportunities if you are not even accepting them. What happens when you send a gift and the person does not acknowledge or say thank you? More than likely you will not give them something again. Of course you give because you want to. But sometimes we at least expect a thank you. But that is another topic- gratitude.

Action moves you forward. Simple psychics. Friction and stagnation causes you to stop. To stop dreaming, believing and doing will stagnate you and your business from reaching the goals you want to achieve.

G-d works through man/woman. When one does not accept his gift, He stops giving. The negative energies appear much bigger. He has never left you. He just waits and waits until you are ready to accept the gifts and are ready to listen to what He feels is a way to reach a higher level. Once you know that in your mind and soul, you can achieve so much more.

Ok- so you are STUCK. What do you do about it? Just MOVE!

  1. Focus- Put the blinders on and move forward.
  2. Your Mindset- Everyone says this- well, it’s true. (Do I really have to go into mindset?)
  3. Be Gracious- Thank G-d or the Universe for the Good Things in your life
  4. Get out- Get out from behind the computer and meet people.

Remember YOU are in control of your life. They say God is in control- maybe at times. But it is what YOU DO with the gifts he gives you. Then you are the driver of your life.

All the Best to Your Success,

Debbie Shulman

Founder and Owner

Learn more about Home Party Divas, LLC.  We are a member organization committed to help you achieve your ultimate success. www.homepartydivas.net


One Response to “Take Action- You Have to Move”

  1. jkayduncan August 23, 2013 at 3:04 pm #

    Thanks so much for the reminder. Posting it on my mirror.

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