Persistence is Key It Will Pay off!

25 Jul

I hear this a lot. “How many times should I call or contact a lead?” 

Let me share with you a couple of stories from my business experience. One thing you should keep in mind is that you need to court your lead (date them). Out of the gate there is no need to be jumping on them right? That would be a turnoff if a guy was doing that to me? You leave right? So why do we do that in business?

I also hear that one does not want to sound “pushy”. There are techniques that we teach people on how to have a NO Pitch Sales Approach. But that is a whole series.

I know you get excited especially when you are new and you have someone interested in your business opportunity. Well, here is my experience.

People who are interested in being a member of Home Party Divas or an IMD have been watching us for awhile. One member was watching us for a year and wanted to see “if we would last”. I love her – she’s awesome! Two  prospects were watching us for 3 months before deciding to join us.

So what is the story here- persistence, communication, staying in touch often, BUILDING A RELATIONSHIP and history (are you switching from one company to another, are you just interested in signing people up and leaving them).  People DO consider this when looking into joining a business and joining YOU.

All the Best to Your Success!



2 Responses to “Persistence is Key It Will Pay off!”

  1. jkayduncan July 25, 2013 at 1:06 pm #

    What an awesome reminder, not only how to build relationships and a team. But also a reminder that it is not a race but journey that must be undertaken deliberately and with diligence.

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