Your Host is Your Partner in Business

10 Jul



321419_512864478749814_1718226709_nWe had an open call this past Monday about how to maximize your hostess coaching so you are creating the rapport needed to have a success ful show. Your Host is your partner in business. The call was phenomenal and led by Platinum Diva Member, Heidi Rosen.

Heidi was a Tupperware consultant for many years. She was #1 in sales 3 years in a row nationally. Now she partnered with Park Lane Jewelry and is Sr. Division leader for the past 6 years. She conducts many of Park Lane’s trainings at convention. We are proud to have her as a member and her abilities as a leader, knowledge and talent to share her success when it come s to hostess coaching.

Listen to this 30 minute call. Post your comments below we would love your feedback.

If you wish to become a Home party Diva and advertise for as low as $12.95 a month then visit us @ or fill out the form below for more info. Heidi Rosen can be contacted at


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