How to Book Summer Parties

11 Jun

Book Your Summer Parties

Our call last night with Debbie Shulman, CEO and Business Coach and Patti Serrano, Business Coach was energetic and fun. Basically we found the questions we answered were over coming obstacles just a different excuse because its in a different season. “I don’t do home shows/ parties. ” “I am busy with the kids.” Yes, we know all of us have plans and vacations, but it comes down to getting in front of more faces.  My saying has always been- PEOPLE are your inventory. If no one new is being added to your list (inventory) you will go out of business. It is not the products, lotions, potions. what you know or don’t know- it is PEOPLE. Keep collecting info and building relationships. They are your best asset. People can connect you with other influential people.

Some suggestions to get started:

1. Do your own open house party

2. Create a  summer theme- ice cream party. Pina Colada, Margarita parties

3. Create Flash Sales

4. Have short one hour parties

5. Play dates with a showcase of your product (let the moms now of course)

6. Join places you can take the kids. Maybe your child’s gymnastic school can have a vendor show.

Join Home Party Divas 🙂 Hint, hint! 

This call will give you some ideas that will help you overcome the objections, help your parties stick and most of all improve the slow summer mentality. Listen here.

Have a DivaLicious Day!




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