The Winner is in- 2013 Diva Handbag Search

19 May

As you may be following, I announced a contest in which I was on a search for the 2013 DIVA Handbag. This would be the second selection for me and Home Party Divas. I love handbags obviously for me to choose this. Now of course I could of picked any bag from Coach (my fave store brand) or department store. However, I want to support Home Party Consultants.  Well the winner was picked according to our fans likes and here is the winner…

Madison Handbags

There were so many great posts. I am not sure why hers won maybe she shared the link with her friends and family to vote or that it is truly a great bag (among many other great bags don’t get me wrong).

What is unique about these handbags are the different styles and fabrics that are custom made for you and your bag. I interviewed Crystal Leavitt-Smith an Ind. Consultant with Madison Handbags after the winner was announced.

HPD: You must be thrilled that the fans voted for you. You won by only 7 votes. What “called” out to  you to sell Madison Handbags?

Crystal: Thank you. I am happy that the fans voted for me. It was such a close call with another fabulous entry.

As my children got older they were telling me to get a life. They didn’t need mom hanging around as much anymore. I was a customer of a friend of mine and it just so happened it was MY time. I love these bags, so it as an easy and passionate fit in my life.
madisonhandbagsHPD:  How is the quality and durability of this  product?

Crystal: Our Handbags and accessories have light scotch-guard protection on it. You can always add more. I found when I didn’t add any additional scotch-guard when I needed to clean my bag. I applied a bit of mild soap to a wet cloth and it removed the easily removed the debris.

HPD: Where are the Bags made?

Crystal: Right here in Schenectady, NY by Albany. All made in the US and custom made for you. It can take 2-4 weeks for your order.

HPD: I look forward to creating my handbag. There are so many choices of the style of the bag to the fabric. Anything you suggest to a mom who wants her hands  free?

Crystal: I would suggest the Brookline or the Brandywine. They both have a long strap to go over the front of the body. However the Brookline has handles as well as the long strap.






Thank you so much Crystal. If you are interested in becoming a fan of Crystal’s fan page or look at her website click the appropriate links. I will post my bag once I get it in.


Debbie Shulman, CEO and Founder

Home Party Divas, LLC


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