NEW Opportunity Here

26 Jul

We are so excited to announce the most unique direct sales opportunity to come across today. I (Debbie Shulman) started Home Party Divas, LLC as a way for home party consultants to network and build their business and motivation in a party like, fun atmosphere. Since then I merged with Alishia WIllardson to assist in the vision to grow this organization nationwide and what better way to do that is with a direct sales opportunity.

A person interested in joining us is called an Independent Marketing Diva (IMD) and they make a retail profit on their members in the group or groups they start, residual income on groups their downline opens up and cash bonuses when their recruit qualifies in 30 days.

The opportunity will not hinder any direct sales business someone is in now. This opportunity will enhance their business with all of the Platinum Member Benefits and IMD benefits.

We are a great opportunity for someone who loves helping women, understand the power of building relationships and network. We are even a great opportunity for some one who does not want to “do” home parties.

HPD conducts their own monthly coaching calls for you and your members, hosting a party once a year, attend networking meetings and events, free newsletter advertising, Social Media shoot outs, money-making opportunities when planning events for your Divas, your Divas get event table discounts, Diva Member Forum, 1:1 coaching calls for YOUR business, and so much more.

To date, we have 5 IMDs in the US. Our goal is to double that by every month.

Home Party Divas, LLC has a BIG future ahead. We hope to have you or someone you know join us today. By calling 561-318-0313 or emailing us at

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