Who is Alishia?

13 Jul

Hello Divas, as you know we’ve had a lot of changes happening including the newest business partner Alishia Willardson added to the team and I wanted to dedicate this post to introducing her so you know who you are working with.  I know that some of you have already had the pleasure of working with her and know what a great asset she is.

Hey Ladies! I am Alishia Willardson, the CEO of FUN and PASSION!  My heart is dedicated to helping others succeed and the reason that I feel I was born.  A little bit about me personally and then we’ll get into all the juicy stuff…I was born and raised in Utah where I met my husband under a tree in Junior High.  We have two beautiful boys, Rownin & Stratton who keep us on our toes and bring so much joy along with grey hairs, LOL.  We decided to pick up and move across the country two years ago because we were done with the snow and living a familiar life and we have never looked back.  We love it here, in beautiful St. Petersburg, FL and are now talking my family into moving, we already got my mom here, so it’s working.

I joined my first Home Party company in 2007 and remember thinking, “What the heck did I get myself into, women don’t like me and I have always been friends with guys…Well, my sponsor says I can make a ton of money doing this, so I will do what she says and see what happens”  After a few months working the business, 2-3 nights a week, alongside my full-time job, my boss really pissed me off and I decided “That’s it, I am giving my two weeks and going full time in my new business venture”, that was only 5 months into joining.

I went to the #1 girl in the company and said “Teach me everything you know” and she did and I did EVERYTHING she told me to.  My first year in business I was the #1 new distributor in the entire company, selling over $36,000 and that’s when I realized that I could do it.

Fast forward to current and I have sold over $327,000 and built a team of over 100 women, while winning FREE corporate cruises, FREE computers, FREE iPhones & so much MORE!! While in the midst of all of this, I realized that even though there was amazing training from the company and support from fellow consultants, the same thing kept happening…Women were having a hard time finding new clients to get bookings.  That’s when I decided to branch and start my own coaching business to help these women achieve success through the systems that I’ve come up with.  But what I didn’t know is that the universe had a different plan for me to reach more women who really needed my help.  That’s when Debbie found me to see what I could do for Home Party Divas.

After hours of phone calls and formulating, I realized that I could help Debbie create the vision she has for Home Party Divas.  This vision includes, helping each consultant have ultimate success in their “Home Party” business, making sure the consultant has a successful party at least once a year with the training to get booking/recruits etc. from that party & ways to be rewarded for the work they put into helping Home Party Divas.

We teamed up to create this solid foundation for our members and Leaders (IMD’S) & through this partnership we have already been able to take Home Party Divas to new levels of success. Through my coaching, simple successes systems and helping Debbie turn her future visions into reality, I believe Home Party Divas is exactly what “Home Party” consultants are looking for.  I am excited to coach each and every one of you to your own success and build lasting relationships.

Please join me in my first Home Party Divas Coaching call “Book Your Way to MORE Paydays” on July 16th @ 8:30pm EDT

Call Phone#: (760) 984-1000            

Access Code: 906887#  

Call Instructions:  Please call in 5 minutes before call is scheduled to start to introduce yourself and hear instructions.

~Are you suffering from the “Summer Slump”

~Is your calendar bare?

~Do you need to take action before you go inactive?

Then you want to rearrange your schedule to get on this call!!

We are covering exactly what you need to do to get your calendar ready for the busy season and set your business up to maximize on your profits. What you do today affects your business 90 days from now and in 90 days you will be at the tip of the biggest shopping months of the year? Are you ready? RSVP YES!!!!

P.S. We will be covering all the new exciting member benefits & changes for Home Party Divas. This call will normally only be 60 minutes but because we’re covering changes we added extra time.
**Call will be recorded and available to listen to for ONLY 48 hours after it is recorded**


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