A Great Idea for Increased Visibility

27 May

Here is a quick tip you can do that is simple and affordable. I am sure many of us know people in the direct sales business. Reach out to the ones you know who are good in follow up and customer service. Request business cards, samples, coupons, anything they can supply to you to be placed in little goodie bags. Thes baggies will be given to your hostesses and customer orders.
Make sure these consultants do the same for you. Give them coupons, fliers, samples, whatever you can so they can place it in goodies bags for their customers on your behalf.

You can even create a newsletter that can be physically mailed out once a month to your customers with these businesses on it. Ask your participating consultants offer the same thing to their customers. This is free advertising for both parties. Yet a small initial investment in samples, business cards and coupons.


1. It is not how long you hold onto your business cards. It is how fast you can hand them out.

2. Make sure you give tangible items worth some value, not just a business card. If you sell jewelry, enlcose some chocolates with your business card in a cellophane bag and a ribbon. Cost $3.99 for chocolate bag plus bags and ribbon (ties).

3. Do this often. One time is not going to get immediate results. It can take up to 10 times before someone may call.

4. Promote this with about 5-10 other girls. The bigger the packet the better.

5. Try and keep it to one person per industry or company. You don’t want 5 skincare/cosmetic people.
Good luck and I hope this increases your visibility and network offline.


Debbie Shulman, Founder of Home Party Divas. Loves her 4 children and husband and live in Sunny Florida. She is always on the look out of creative ideas to get your businesses to grow.


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