Booking Tip 4 of 5

13 Apr

The Dice Game

We are almost done with our 5 week series of Booking More Shows At Your Parites. Here is number 4.

This is a game your guests can play at checkout. When you are sitting with them going over their order and after totalling it (or as you total) . Ask them to the roll the dice (bring 2). Explain that if they roll the dice that number on the dice will give them a discount today only if they host a show within in 60 days. They do not have to roll if they do not have to spin. If they do spin and still do not want to host, then they do not get the discount.

If they roll a 2- they get 2% off their order, 3= 3% all the up to 12= 12% discount!
If you get at least one booking out of this. It was worth it- wasn’t it?

Written by Debbie Shulman, co-owner and creator of Home Party Divas. She uses this and many other tips in her own personal direct sales business. Mom of 4 and wife to Michael where they enjoy and live the Florida Sunny Life.


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