Booking Tip 2 of 5

30 Mar

Referral Game

Our second tip for booking parties at your shows is a two in one. If your company does not have this, make sure you have either an index card available for your guests to use. Play this as a game. Here are the steps:

1. Start The Game– Tell your guests “GRAB YOUR CELL PHONES”.

2. Build A List– They have 3 minutes to play this game. In those 3 minutes they have to scroll through their list of names and think who would like a free facial or makeover, extra money, decorate their home for free or what ever it you are selling. Some people may not play and that is ok. If you have a room of 6-8 people, at least 2 will do this.  If they can’t think of anyone do your hostess coaching remind them of people at church. organizations, neighbors etc. They get a ticket for every name they place on the card.

3. Now, you got referrals and guest lists. Some people may ask “Are you going to call these people?!” You say “NO. You are. You will invite them to your party/follow-up.”

4. Give a Prize– Give the winning ticket a prize.

5. Hostess Booking Gift- Then for your hostess of that party. Pull out a few gifts and have the hostess select 3 items. Have her pick one that she really wants. Ask her “Which one do you want to keep?” Give her the gift but say to her “The only way you can keep this WHEN two of your friends have a follow-up or party and have some friends.”


Use an item she has on her wish list as one of her booking items that she wants. Say “Susie (hostess name) I know you want the candelabra. It is on your wish list. If you have two bookings from this show you can earn it 50% off.”

Hostess asks her friends are you going to have a party? The hostess can be one of the bookings. But she needs to have two bookings.  Now these ladies have the list they created earlier. Tell these ladies you will see them in 10-14 days (book close together, not 2 months down the road.) Close together limits cancellations and create for excitement. Discuss a day and time when in your one on one during ordering at the party. Calling them later may reduce the chances of booking the show.

5. Help with Calls– Tell your hostess’ that you will call their guests 2 days in advance. They will love that. You will save them so much time. Thank the guests for coming and remind them of the hostess’ show. Ask them if they have any concerns with their skin and makeup you can help them with. Or is there a place in your home you would like to see new decorating pieces, etc.

Try this and it may help you get bookings at your shows. I wish you great success and don’t worry about the no’s focus on the yes’.


Debbie Shulman is the creator and founder of Home Party Divas, LLC. She lives in Florida with her husband, Michael, 4 children and implements these tips in her party plan business.


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