Booking at Parties- Tip 1

19 Mar

My friend and I conducted a training about how to get more bookings at our shows. And I thought I would share our top 5 tips over 5 weeks. Her and I are accountability partners and we love to go back and forth with new ideas and do our best implementing them in our shows. Some of these ideas were from other party plan girls, in which I will reference their name and business to give credit where credit is deserved.

Tip 1- The Supportive Friends

Bring a Special Gift for the Hostess. This can be an inexpensive item from your inventory or an item that is already used as an Appreciation Gift. Wrap it up in wrapping paper and a bow. There is a reason for this so bear with me.

Present the Gift– Near the end of the party, present this gift to the Hostess. Do not have her unwrap it just yet. As you hand it to her say this “I want to give this gift to my hostess as an EXTRA thank you on top of all of her free products she will earn tonight. But I can only give this to her if we get some bookings from her show. Who can host a party in the next 60 days (or 90 days)? Who can help her earn this gift?”

Supportive and Committed Friends-  Now, hopefully she has some supportive friends and one of them will raise their hand. They do this because they like her and/or think, hmm, maybe I will get a special gift if I host too.

The Unvieling- The hostess then gets to unwrap the bow. Yes, ONLY the bow. You stop her and say we need another booking for her to get to open the wrapping. One or more hands raise. Make a note who these women are so you can talk to them about dates at check out. Make sure you have some available dates already in your schedule.

A consultant has gotten 2 or more bookings at each show doing this.

Thank you to Mary Jo Zajac with Pampered Chef for sharing this tip.


Written by Debbie Shulman, co-owner and creator of Home Party Divas. She uses this and many other tips in her own personal direct sales business. Mom of 4 and wife to Michael. Lives in Florida.


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