How to Increase Your RSVP’s

23 Feb

We all have the difficulty of confirming a solid count when requesting an RSVP. As I speak with other consultants, the concensus seems to be that even if it is a “no” please RSVP some type of response.

What is causing this lack of etiquette? I wish I knew the answer. Are people waiting until the last minute? Do our guests feel that they are not being personally invited because it is an email blast or general Facebook invite? Are they not getting these invitations?

Well, no matter what the reason may be I think the one and only way to reduce this problem is to make the phone calls. Coach your hostess to call people. Maybe request her to send you the phone numbers of her guests to make these calls for her. Encourage her by saying you are helping her because you know how busy she is and want to help her have a successful show.
Direct Sales is all about follow up. 90% of our business is follow up. Even if your hostess or you were to leave a message, it is a personal touch  that may help an increase in RSVP responses.

Don’t know what to say? How about something simple and friendly. If you get a voice mail, that is fine. Have a script in front of you. “Hi _______, (Your host) wants to personally invite you to her ______________ party on (date and time) at (location). I am the consultant for her party and would love to have you come out for some fun girl time. She would love to see you. Please RSVP by calling ______________ (put your number there so you can answer any questions or if they can not come try and get an order for her). Thank you and I hope to meet you.” Make sure you have a smile when making these calls. I was always told in my past work experiences it is hard to sound upset or discouraged with a smile on your face.

Even getting the RSVP, people may still not honor their commitment. Athough they may of said “yes” they did not show or cancel last minute. Maybe ask them to bring something. Sometimes people are more apt to attending when you are relying on them to bring something. The hostess may want to make it a potluck where everyone can bring a small dish. Or she can ask a guest to just bring the ice.

Things in life do happen and that is beyond your control. Let go of that and remember that you have improved more skills. Like getting on the phone, practicing what to say, listening to your customers, coached the hostess. At least you know you have done what you know is good business. Maybe a person who may not be interested in attending may attend or host one just because they see you helped your hostess.

Also, practice this yourself too. Good etiquette is always appreciated. I would love to hear your response on RSVP etiquette. Share your thoughts and send to and you will be added to the next newsletter with your tip.

~ Debbie Shulman Stay at home mom of 4, loving wife to Michael, happy to work at home and helping others succeed in their home party business. President of Home Party Divas, LLC


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