5 Ways to Get Bookings

16 Feb

Ah, the fun of the home party industry is just that- to HAVE FUN! And what better way than to have fun is to play games. Your guests can win prizes and who doesn’t want to win something for free. However, sometimes I (well at least I do) think what and how much should I give away? I suggest items that will not break your bank. You are there to make money- right?! and You are there to look for more bookings- right?!

We may all have different businesses so cater this to your style and business type. Here are 5 simple suggestions.

1. Offer a Door Prize. This item can be of substance. Maybe an item you have that people LOVE and would shop from you to get more. Each guest needs to fill out a card or simply use the order form. For instance, I was at a candle party and the hostess raffled off a warmer. She earned it for free so it was no expense to her and the winner will need to purchase the fragrances to place in it in the future. The guests that purchased were entered in the drawing. Again, drop the seed about hosting a show to the winner and how they can earn more for free. If they continue to ask questions, give answers. Otherwise you will be talking to yourself.

2. Ticket Drawings. Ticket drawings are fun. I always give a ticket to the person who attends and an extra one to them if they brought a guest. Then one to the guest. One game I play is the Question Game. They have to ask me any questions about my business or the product line to win a ticket. They laugh and have a really good time asking me questions. The tickets are used for little prizes. Like in my case, the prizes were tealights, wick dippers, even $5 gift cards, air freshners, and/or bookmarks. Depending on the crowd, I usually give away 3-5 prizes. Remember this is tax deductible.

3. Dice Game at Check Out– I LOVE this game. Tell your guests at the show you will only have them roll the dice if they wish to host a show. A date has to be booked at the time of the show and when they roll the dice they get that number in a discount on their order TODAY. For example, if they roll a 2- they get 2% off, if they roll a 6= 6% off, a 12= 12% off and so on. Make your own rules. I like to schedule my shows out 45 days.

4. Offer Free Shipping– I say at the show. ” If I do not ask you to host a show, you get FREE shipping”. Now of course they will be listening if I don’t ask them. It makes them pay attention plus it allows me to get out of my comfort zone and ask.

5. After the Show, Talk to your Hostess. At times, you may be able to have some quiet time as you pack up your show and go over your sales. Sometimes you may not because people are still lingering and you are complete or she may leave the show open to get more orders. Well, when you collect your show totals and you have her on the phone collecting her order, ask her to host a show in the future. Dentist offices do this all the time. You know they ask you to schedule that cleaning in 6 months don’t they? And most of the time you do. Remind your hostess that she had fun and so did her guests. Say “Mary, I had such a fun time meeting you, your family and friends. You had fun too. We have a new catalog that comes out in May. Can I count you in for another show? Let’s book a day.” This allows you to book your schedule up and you have a new show for the new catalog. Eveyone has tried the product from before and LOVE it. So they will come or order and/or bring a friend again.

~ Debbie Shulman Stay at home mom of 4, loving wife to Michael, happy to work at home and helping others succeed in their home party business. President of Home Party Divas, LLC


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