Where Dreams Do Come True

28 Nov

On a recent Disney trip with my husband and my 3rd child, 19 month old Jordan, had me in a moment of sweet bliss. The innocence of every child believing they can be a princess or a hero filled my heart with peace. Any person who walks out of Disney after walking all day long in the sun and standing on lines still walks out having the best time ever. Why? I think it is the experience and the dream of our inner childhood coming back to life.

After relishing on the sweetness of my son’s face as he took his first nap at 5 pm with a cookie in his hand, I looked in a window of a man who was making glass sculptures in one of Disney’s Main Street shops. Wow, I thought. What talent. It then brought me to examine Walt Disney’s vision. I am sure with all of the nay-sayers in his life. He continued on. He perservered. He did not let HIS DREAM die. And with his dream comes all of the talents of others. From the glass blower, to the street sweeper, to the actors and singers and dancers. The people who give you the ticket. The people who take your ticket. All working together as a whole.

Without Disney’s employees, his dream would not be alive. Every person on his “team” contribute to the bigger picture. Your Dream is held in your teams hands. Without them and your hard work your dreams will not come true.

So be that child and keep going. You first crawl. Then you will walk. You will fall and you will get up. Go up to a stranger and say “Hi, I am Debbie. What’s your name?” (you know what I mean- be more outgoing). Smile and laugh with everyone. Step by step your achievements are noted. Your goals will be achieved. You will not be a success overnight. It takes time. But you will make it.

Your dream is not a question of whether it may come true. It Does Come True. With hard work, passion and the right people on your team. Your Dreams Do Come True.

Debbie Shulman Founder and President of Home Party Divas, LLC


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