Another Great Calculator App

21 Nov

Another Great Calculator App

In the last newsletter, I did a review on a free application called MyConsultant. It is a good application. It is free with a few upgrades if you want to pay for them. The upgrades are not expensive. Only at .99 cents. Due to that post and newsletter write up, a gentleman named Mark Rickert (who by the way is a Premier Designs Consultant with his wife) developed another application for the iPhone, iTouch and iPads called Checkout Helper. It does cost $3.99 and a few upgrades that have to be paid for. It offers different features.

Just some things about Checkout Helper:
  1. They been in the app store since Feb. 2011.
  2. Checkout Helper works on the iPad with great high-resolution graphics, for those that don’t have an iPhone.
  3. Checkout Helper is completely company agnostic – they can be used for all direct sales companies because the tax, shipping, etc. are all customizable. The only instance where Checkout Helper wouldn’t work is for Pampered Chef where food items are taxed differently than retail items in some states.
  4. The calculations have been checked and re-checked against manual calculations over a long period of time. One of his testers checked it against all her orders from the last 6 months and found out she’d missed out on over $30 in profit because of miscalculated orders. Checkout Helper more than paid for itself in that instance.
  5. It’s a single purpose app – helping you at checkout – So he focused in on that one aspect to make the interface and actions as quick and intuitive as possible.
  6. Discounts are easy to add to an individual item or to the subtotal (or both!). The competitor simply asks for a subtotal and you can add a discount after the fact to only the subtotal.
  7. Mark has been working on a reporting feature that is almost done. You will be able to view all the past transactions (and delete erroneous transactions if you want), then get daily, monthly, quarterly, and yearly reports.

I really feel that Checkout Helper and MyConsultant are very different products -Checkout Helper is a line-item and discount calculator, while MyConsultant seems to be a subtotal/total calculator. I feel that these applications are the same yet different in a few ways. I am not getting paid from anyone to write this review. Your feedback on either is greatly appreciated. I wanted to share a tool that is easy and convenient for smart phones because sometimes we forget our calculator.

Click here to view screenshots.


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