Don’t be Anti-Social in a Social Media World

13 Nov

The experts say this all day, every day. Social Media is not going anywhere. It is here to stay. Social Media has helped many of us in Direct Sales. Whether you are using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ or other sites, it is important to interact with your fans/followers.

What do you do when someone likes your page? On my business fan page Debbie Shulman, Independent Consultant, Gold Canyon Candles I send a personal private message to a new fan thanking them for liking my page, briefly explain any Facebook Specials I am offering (if any at that time) and if they have any questions to feel free to contact me. I even have offered to send a free sample with a catalog to new fans and have gotten orders from that.

Why do I do this? To appreciate a new fan and build a relationship with someone I do not know. When you go to a networking event, do you stand there expecting people to come up and just hand you orders? Of course not. Do you not introduce yourself and say hello when you attend a networking group? Of course you do! So what is different from social media. You can see who your fans are and can keep track of who you sent a message too.

Twitter is different. Something I am trying to get used to. Twitter are short blurbs of what you are doing. Many social media gurus recommend that you do not always post things about you. Retweet other articles or promotions you found interesting. Follow people in your area of expertise. They will have interesting tweets you can tweet back about.

YouTube is a great way to share your companies videos. Do you sell jewelry? Then post your companies Fashion Shows? Do you own a food business? Then produce a quick video on how to prepare one of your recipes. You don’t want to be infront of the camera that is fine. Subscribe to your companies YouTube videos and share them on your fan page.

Try not to continually post your business on your personal page. I do occasionally. But when you have a business, Facebook especially is very particular- please create a fan page.

Don’t exclude your fans on posts about just your product and business. Do shout outs to your favorite fan pages. Make a shout out to a supportive customer. Ask questions to get responses. Get personal. By doing so you will create a social atmosphere,
more interaction, more trust and more business. Also, please note. It is still important to get out from the computer and MEET people. The computer can only take you so far.

Debbie Shulman
Home Party Divas, LLC


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