Product Review- MyConsultant App

7 Nov

I like trying new ways of making my life and business easier and quicker to operate when I have the right tools to use. So I found this page on Facebook called MyConsultant. They developed a calculator for your sales and mileage for the Android app.

Well, I did not have an Android, so I had to wait for the iPhone launch. I installed it on my iPhone and WOW! It is so convenient to use especially when you forget your calculator.

It is fast and your customers won’t have to wait as you calculate the tax and shipping on their order.

You enter the product subtotal. Then the percentage of the shipping or a dollar flat shipping amount dependent on your company. You can add additional shipping if necessary. You will then get your subtotal. Then there is a button that allows you to turn on TAX SHIPPING. Which as we know some states require the tax on shipping charges. You can turn this on or off. Enter your sales tax.

It automatically stores this the tax and shipping unloess you change it, so you do not have to keep entering it for every order.

Then you get the subtotal. You can offer a discount at the end in a dollar amount. You will then see the Grand Total PLUS—how cool is this?! You can enter the percentage of your commission and see what you made on the sale! You can turn this on and off under settings. Another feature is the button under settings to Look Up Tax.

Oh, and the most fun thing is the ability of changing the backgrounds to fun designs already loaded!

Writing the instructions on the features takes longer than doing it. Try this app. It is free unless you want to add the mileage calculator which is .99 cents. I have not downloaded that yet. But I can imagine how easy that must be. Remember, we can write off mileage in our businesses which adds up.

So try it and let me know what you think!

Their website

Facebook Page


I was not paid to make this statement.
Debbie Shulman
Founder of Home Party Divas


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