New Product for Our Divas

6 Nov

We are so excited to introduce Home Party Divas Gift Cards to the shoppers who attend our meetings. We are pulling money out of our OWN pockets to support our Divas with gift cards.

This is what happens. A shopper at our meetings will be entered in a raffle drawing for a $5.00 gift card. Ok, it may not seem like a lot to you, but that  can cover the shipping charges on some of your orders. The winner redeems this gift card at the show. The hostess of that evening will collect it, send it to us and we will reimburse the $5.00 to the hostess.

We are also conducting raffles to the Shoppers who attend the most meetings every quarter. By attending 5 or more meetings in a quarter (which is possible) they are entered in a $25.00 raffle drawing. This winner can use this gift card with ANY DIVA member anywhere in the country (as we grow in time). The member collects the gift card and sends it to us for reimbursement.

What does this do? Hmmm, promote your business with no money out of your pocket. Remember to collect and send us those cards. No card and we can not reimburse the member. One can’t go into a department store without a gift card and expect to use it, right?

We plan on implementing many more marketing ideas with the use of gift cards. One idea is to sell them to shoppers to shop with you. Create an online shopping cart for shoppers to purchase them online and send as gifts to people nationwide. Give a gift card
to everyone who comes in the door who is a shopper.

But of course there is a budget like in any new business. We want all of our Diva Members to happy with our service and dedication to them. We look forward to any feedback.

Have a Diva-Licious Day!

Debbie Shulman
Founder of Home Party Divas, LLC


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