Great Gift Ideas for Our Busy Consumer

20 Oct

The holidays, no matter how prepared we seem to be, always sneak up on us. We are also thinking of new ways to market to our new and existing customers. Here are some ideas I thought of for you:

1. Our customers are always busy. Here is a way to save them some time. Offer gift wrapping and basket services for them. Also, offer  to put in a handwritten note from them to their recipient.

2. Offer door to door delivery service. Especially if they are local. Maybe free delivery if it is within a certain radius or city. And an extra free out of your area.

3.We are all on a budget. Offer a list of items that are under 25.00, 15.00 or even 10.00.

4 Offer savings of bundles. Like let’s say two or three items that  compliment each other at a discount.

5. Basket ideas filled with $5-$10 items that will equal a $30-$50 gift. I gave this to my mom for her birthday last year. I took items from many different direct sales reps and placed it in a ThirtyOne Gifts lunch tote. The tote as on sale at the time and the items ranged from $5- $8.00 each. So the entire basket was about $30.00.

6. Sometimes items can be broken down into stocking stuffers. Like a box of 9 tealights can be given t0 9 different people. Of course with cute gift wrapping in a nice organza bag, it will look like you put a lot of thought into the idea.

7. Network with other direct sales and put packages together that will create a beautiful gift.

I would love to hear and see your ideas. Share them in a post below. Have a new and fun way to approach the holidays  this season.


2 Responses to “Great Gift Ideas for Our Busy Consumer”

  1. Ashley Montgomery October 24, 2011 at 7:30 pm #

    The gift basket and gift wrapping ideas are great for men. We all know how men hate shopping and a lot aren’t very good at it. A nice gift basket or a nicely wrapped gift is right up their alley.

    • homepartydivas October 24, 2011 at 8:02 pm #

      That’s a great idea too. It will be a good idea to contact our customers’ husbands with a list that their wife filled out with the items they want.

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