Your Power Begins In Your Mind

3 Aug

There are leaders in every part of life from politians, military leaders, artists, scientists, educators, doctors and more. They have succeeded in ways that lead to fortune, recognition and power. The minds and negative thoughts of others did not prevent them from doing what they wanted to do. You can live your life the same way.

The nay sayers are the ones who like to keep people down for many reasons. They either do not understand or feel so miserable with their life they want to keep you there with them.

You have control of your mind, thoughts, feelings and actions. ONLY you have this capability. This has been known for many years and it is only until recently has it been coming out to the public. Have you ever watched the Secret? That is a perfect example of bringing this knowledge to the masses.

Pump yourself up. What is a boxer doing before he hits the ring? He is jumping, punching in the air, prays, motivates himself. Convinces his mind and soul  that he will win this fight. That he is the strongest. And maybe he will lose, but maybe he will win. He is prepared. If he loses at least he went in their fighting. He believes he is the best.

You need to change your mindset. When you find your self thinking of how bad a situation is or how you need something but don’t have the means to get it. Think of actually having it. The touch of it, the idea of it, the smell of it. Stop complaining about a bad situation and try to change it. Put out negative thoughts and that is what you get back. Vibrate at a positive level and you will receive positive things. The Universe gives you what you ask of it. If you constantly say you are poor and can’t afford this or that. You will always be poor. Imagine yourself in your dream car. Imagine living in a particular area. Imagine pulling the kids up to their new private school. Your thoughts will become your reality.

What you think in your mind will become a physical part in your life. You know you should be making phone calls to prospects and customers but you have a FEAR. You are already entering that mindset without even calling them. You are already expecting a no. And what is wrong with a no? Think that they will say yes. Remember your corporate trainings. Ask open ended questions. Call the person in a nice, friendly tone. Respect their time.

When you change your mindset from the FEAR Factor to a Confidence Factor a lot will happen. It does take time though and it is not just thinking it. It is creating a vibration that you create within yourself which radiates out in the universe.

Pump Yourself Up! Dance, listen to music and get in a nice outfit to make the call. You will be dressed for success. Getting out of the pajamas and into professional attire will geneate a more professional attitude even if they don’t see you.

Get a headset. I find this to be helpful. It allows me to call one person after another.

It takes a lot of practice to do this. The first tip I tried to do was remove the negative people in my life. Deadbeat friends,
unmotivated individuals. Sometimes you can not remove these people. However, you can alter the time you spend with them. If they start to become negative, remove yourself either physically or emotionally. Change the subject. Excuse yourself from the table. Don’t battle or defend your idea or thoughts. When you apply this new way of socializing, you will find more positive people will be entering your life.

I can honestly say that all of the negative, “put-me-downers” are out of my life. The nay sayers are held at an arm lengths
away. I have happier people in my life who are supportive and confident themselves. I am happier and more at peace in my life and acheiving goals I never would of imagined before. I wish you the best.


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