You vs Your Competition

13 Jun

As I was younger, I remember asking my parents, “Why was there a McDonalds and Burger King across the street and at the mall there were so many jewelry places?” Yesterday, it came to me again. As I drive home there is a Lowe’s on the south side of a major road and a Home Depot on the north side of the same road. Why do they want to be so close to their competition?

America’s originality, business and drive strives on competition. Competition can be a good thing. In our groups we have at most 2 different companies in the same industry represented. I have two jewelry companies represented in two of my groups.

WHY? It helps a representative see things that they may want to add to their shows. I have heard this several times. These ladies are professional and do not put down the other company or their products. In fact they actually make purchases from each other (that is a part of the membership agreement). Competition keeps the businessperson on their toes. Seeing specials that another company may have may give you ideas to do some specials of your own.

The other thought as to why the competitors are so close is to be where the consumers are. Since these larger companies are traditional businesses they need the traffic flow and the visibility from the street. They don’t have non compete agreements on a city road. In a shopping center yes, there are lease agreements to avoid too many of one business. But still a large food chain can sell greeting cards and so is a Hallmark in the same strip- but it is only a certain percentage that can take up that space in the store.

People also like variety. There is also getting the best deal for their money. If I had a choice of going to Lowe’s or Home Depot for a large purchase. I would go to both especially when pricing around. Even drive to Sears.

Also in small business people buy from who they like. Not everyone will like what you have or like you. Hey, it’s true. There is chemistry in business. I know that not everyone will buy from me. Of course, I hope so. But they just don’t buy a necklace, they buy you and your personality. A representative who will take care of their customer. I know of one large chain I do not like going into even if they have the best price. The energy is negative and I get very irritated when shopping there. Do you ever feel this way in certain places?

You know when you go to a home show there are hundereds of companies representing the same product. I went to a Log Home Show and I had no clue how many log home builders there were. They want the exposure. 1000’s of people went through those doors in 3 days.

So when you are at an event and see another candle person, or 5 jewelry people, or 3 cosmetic companies. Do not huff and moan and groan. Be professional. Say hello. Look at what they are offering. The event planner wants a variety of companies to attract consumers. So if a consumer is a Scentsy person (for instance) and that is what brought the customer to the show. Then they see you with Gold Canyon Candles and may buy a candle or cleaning product. Then the competition was worth it wouldn’t you say?

Make it a good day at the event. Be positive. Put a smile on your face and know you are a part of the great American Business World of Healthy Competition.


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