New Announcements Were Made Last Night

25 May

Our Social Event last night went amazingly well. It was a great turnout for our first one. I am anticipating larger turnouts as time goes on. We made some exciting announcements that were well recieved.

  • We have launched Home Party Divas as an LLC
  • My new business partner, Vicky Loyd is CFO with 20 years of accounting experience.
  • We are working on a new logo design and should be available for a glimpse by next week
  • We have announced the growth that is going to take place. We are offering an “ownership of a Home Party Divas” organization to the public. Meaning, with a small financial investment one can own “areas” that they can launch one or several HPD groups.

The feedback was amazing. Ideas are flooding in my mind, on paper and will soom become a reality. It is fun to see something start from a seed in my mind, into a concept and then into reality.

If you are interested in learning more about the opportunity to open a Home Party Divas group near you, contact me at or 561-523-0622.

Successful Partying,



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