How a Phone Call Can Improve Your Business

25 Apr

Making phone calls is one of the factors in our business people fear. I am going to prove to you why making phone calls can SAVE and IMPROVE YOUR BUSINESS. And not making phone calls will ruin it.

Some of you personally know me, some of you don’t. I want to include a disclosure that when I write my blog posts it is not being edited for sounding nice. I am getting down to the truth of the matter and may be a bit harsh or direct. But when you want a direct response you need to ask a direct question period.

I was on the phone yesterday with a fellow colleague. She was nervous about what to say to this customer who she has not met. She has placed a few orders from her website in the past. The truth of the matter is customers know when you are being genuine and know when you are not. So I encouraged her to call. Low and behold she found out that one of the scents the customer purchased did not smell strong enough. So my friend said she will take care of it and get her a new one. The customer did not hang up on her, the customer did not get rude. My friend was able to solve a problem that this customer may have felt bad calling about or kept forgetting to contact her about it. What can this phone call lead to? Many things. More orders, a booking, a new recruit, a referral.

E-mail, Facebook, Twittter, LinkedIn etc. have their place. They ENHANCE your relationships. Not replace nor build! Phone calls and personal cards, letters, and notes DO!

Phone calls are a NECESSITY! Again, I will scream it at you….A NECESSITY TO YOUR BUSINESS.

Horror story….So I told you of a good story now I will share a bad story from a customer point of view and it happened with me. I am telling you now do NOT do this. I was at a party for a friend last month. Bought many items, I got my order directly sent to me and NO phone call from this rep to see if anything came in broken or damaged. No phone call to see if I was satisfied with my products. Will I buy from her again? No! Customers have money. Just will they spend it with you again?

It is not that hard to do a simple follow-up phone call. The person obviously knows you she purchased a product from you. This is not a cold call. This is a warm, genuine, how-is-everything phone call. You must call. If you don’t, you will sabotage your business and relationships. The thing I don’t get is that she has been a rep for a couple of years. How does she stay in business? With constantly trying to get new shows because she does not know how to appreciate the existing hostesses and guests?

There are scripts that our companies train us to use to help us get over our fear factor. Yet, in reality we need to just be ourselves. The words will flow, ask questions that are direct. If you want a booking from them ask “I am booking parties for May and have a few dates open, would you like to host a show and earn $____ in free product?” Don’t tip toe around. If they say no. That is fine. Do not take it personally. This is business. Respect their decision do not be pushy. Pushy turns people off.

  • Do make the phone call. Leave a nice message if you need to with something that will encourage them to call you back.
  • Do not be pushy. Yet ask direct questions to get direct answers
  • Be genuine. Don’t say you are interested in their business if you are not.

Once you start making phone calls, it will come naturally to you and your fear will be gone. It will get simplier and easier as long as you do not take it personally. I wish you all the best and you will see that your customer relationships will get stronger.

Debbie Shulman
Founder of Home Party Divas and Senior Manager with SendOutCards
Building relationships and business with the use of cards, postcards and gifts


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