Does Playing Games Increase Sales?

31 Mar

Games at shows introduce you, your product and opportunity in a fun interactive way. But have you noticed that many guests may tire of it? Has playing games really increased your sales or interests in your opportunity?

I have been to many at home parties and hosted quite a few as well. Many different consultants from many different companies have played the right/ left game. Then there are other games – like digging through my pocket-book for an item beginning with a letter. Then the consultant discusses a word that begins with that letter about their company.

I am not a stick in the mud by any means. But does a home show have to have these games to make it fun? Women will have fun with their friends, family and co-workers without games. Does playing those games entice a guest to think ” I can do this”.

I ask these questions to see whether games truly improve sales and prospects.

I have noticed when I did parties that the ladies want to chat and reminisce. The guests know they are there to shop. Many may want to shop and go home. Many stay and linger. I had a fun party last week where I was able to entertain, talk and laugh with my guests. When we were sitting down, talking. The consultant then came by gave us catalogs or some were already looking through or playing with the products on the table. She introduced herself and went through the first few pages of the catalog. We were still able to talk after her 10-15 min. presentation. Is it necessary to play games for the first hour of a show?

This I found to be relaxing. She did have a door prize and presented me with a hostess gift right there.  People started writing down what they wanted and we began to close the show.

Your company spends so much money on marketing, catalogs, and presentations use them. The idea of going through the catalog quickly was to show items the guest may not have been thinking of and will bring more interest. She did tell her story as to why she started her business and the opportunity others can have.

I think keeping it simple for prospects is important. Still we all had fun and had good conversation. The most important time you have at your show is to communicate with your guests. Playing games takes that away. How about a women’s circle where conversation may be able to develop? Like stories of their best high school date or the best recipe they made. You are taking the time to learn about them and take notes in your mind. Something may stick out and you can bring it up. You may have something in common with them.

I would love to hear your thoughts. Please share.

Debbie Shulman


One Response to “Does Playing Games Increase Sales?”

  1. amyd0728 April 4, 2011 at 1:23 am #

    I love this article. I try to keep my presentation to only about 15-20 min. The ladies are not there for me. They want to shop and socialize.

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