To Share or Not To Share

4 Mar

Do you “share” parties with other consultants? For instance, two different companies with complimentary products.

Food/ Kitchen Supply companies

Handbags/ Jewelry companies

Skincare, Cosmetics/ Chocolate companies

Many consultants do not feel that this is a good idea. Whether they have a lot of money or are limited in funds, your guests already have a budget in their mind when coming to your home party. So if a guest has a budget of $50 and sees that they want $25 from one company and $25 from another, that split will hurt the hostess and limit how much she gets in free product from your company. She could of done a $500.00 show, but did $250.00 in sales because the guests decided to split their budget with two consultants. This also hurts you as the consultant because you are loosing sales.

One great option that many consultants are doing is hooking up with reputable Gold Buyers. Here the gold buyer purchases the guests broken, missing or old pieces of gold, silver and platinum (even silver platters and utensils- as long as they are NOT silver plated. Which she can quickly determine) and gives them NEW FOUND CASH. The guest does not have to sell, but this helps your sales because they would not of had that extra cash.

We all want to help other consultants and have new and fresh ideas to get bookings. But do not let it become counterproductive. Your products are perfect as a stand alone item.

If you want to help a fellow consultant, then here are some other options:

  1. Pass her business cards or brochures at your party. Have them handy where customers will be sitting with you to finalize their orders.
  2. Have the consultant offer your parties a special incentive if they order from her.
  3. On your contact form, ask if they would be interested in promotions from your consultant friend. Of course, make sure you ask if they want to be on your mailing list. Do not just offer this info to your consultant friend against the client’s permission.

I would do this with a consultant you have done business with and know is a good follow up person. You do not want to ruin your reputation in the process of referring someone business.

Debbie Shulman
Founder of Home Party Divas


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