How to Get More Bookings

21 Feb

I have come across many consultants who face similar obstacles in their businesses. “How do I get more bookings?” Now, I do not want to be putting blame on anyone and we can all make excuses. People do not want to host parties, the economy, the time, blah, blah, blah. I want you to look at you first.

Direct Sales is a relationship building business period.

Do people know you, like you and trust you? When you do a party, do you send a card thanking the hostess after the show? Did make follow up calls (not emails) to everyone who ordered- asking them if everything was suitable and to their satisfaction? Did you send thank you cards to the guests who came to the show even if they did not buy?

It is amazing when I ask the last question that 99% of consultants do not even do that. Yes, they send a card to the hostess saying thank you. But you had 5-12 or more guests at a show and you did not thank them for their attendance? And you want them to host shows with you? They don’t know you, therefore they won’t know if they like you and they then of course won’t trust you.

I am sure you have those forms customers fill out at a show and they ask. Are you interested in hosting a show? Are you interested in a business opportunity with ____________________?, etc. Some people say yes. Most say no. The no’s are not forever just probably not now. Keep in touch with a card after the show and throughout the year. That no may turn into a yes. There are representatives in my business who were customers first and then became reps because it all came down to timing. The timing for them right after your show may not be the right time.

So it is not your hostess rewards or specials, it comes down to you and the appreciation you show after a party. It takes time building these relationships and trust. Send cards throughout the year- happy birthday cards, holiday cards, seasonal cards. Don’t always send out your marketing postcards or brochures as a way of relying on business. Social media has its place. They will get you some business. However, do you want to soar or waddle your way through your business?

You want to stand out from the large corporate chain who has no relationship with their client. They can afford large mailings and allowed to do commercials. You can add that personal touch by staying in touch with your customers, knowing some personal things about them, talk to them about other subjects than just your product.

I have stopped doing business with consultants because either I could not find them anymore, they did a show and never kept in touch or they don’t do the business anymore. Another major reason is if they did not appreciate my order. I order small in the beginning to see what response I get from them after I order. I then see if they are appreciative and care about me, then I order more. That $20.00 sale may turn into a few hundred or thousands dollars depending on how you treat me.

So if you are battling with not booking shows. Take a serious look at what you are and are not doing. Keep a list of people who you contact every day, followed up with, gave a sample to, shared the oportunity with. Everyday you should of spoken to at least one person personally. Those “no’s” may turn into “yes’s” down the road. A no today may mean a yes tomorrow because you stayed in touch with simple and genuine gestures. You appreciated the smallest order. You show you care. Doing this will result in referrals and bookings.

You can create a simple chart on your computer or whiteboard hanging on your wall. Sending cards is an effective and affordable way of showing appreciation to everyone you meet. It is thoughtful and sincere. Try it.

Debbie Shulman
Founder of Home Party Divas
SendOutCards Representative- to send a free card out on me


One Response to “How to Get More Bookings”

  1. homepartydivas February 21, 2011 at 4:56 pm #

    One thing to remember is that you need their permission to be added to your mailing list. At the show ask them for their birth date (year not needed), explain you send out birthday cards as well as promotions once a quarter in the mail. Who doesn’t like to receive a birthday card? I never had someone tell me no I can’t have their birth date.

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