News from Debbie’s Desk

21 Jan

I know I am a little late writing to you via this blog. I usually want a post going out on a Monday and then Wednesday with a featured business. Well, I got the Featured Business out. But missed this past Monday.

So many wonderful things are happening. I am tired at times so that is part of the “no blog post on Monday thing.” I am expecting baby number 4 and at times I take naps when my other son sleeps and then busy with the other kids and of course hubby.

However, I did find the energy to go to two Meet and Greets this week to talk to other Home Party Consultants about Home Party Divas and how I feel my group can help build their businesses, solidify relationships and hone their skills.

Whoa! I feel the excitement and I think they did too. Many of them signed up right away after hearing the vision and many questions were answered.

So the beginning of 3 groups are formed. Boynton, West Palm Beach and Jupiter areas. All here in Sunny Florida. And I feel by the end of the year, they’re may be close to 8-10 groups in the SE Florida area.

I have a lot of ideas for this organization. It takes time and planning. We are already forming relationships with a couple of resources to help our businesses succeed. Whether they are training guides, products or online communities. Home Party Divas is generating more and more sources for its members.

So I welcome you and your team to Home Party Divas.  Stay tuned for a group near you.


Founder of Home Party Divas

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