Home Party Divas in 2011

31 Dec

Wow! What a way to start the New Year! I wish you all a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2011!

You have been receiving your subscription about Home Party Divas for quite some time. So I am sure you are now familiar with all the amazing ideas, tools, support, and skills we will have at our fingertips in this networking group. You are on the Facebook Fan Page and Twitter to get all the up to date news. You have access to  training guides generated by the Party Plan Divas and an online community to network across the nation at The Selling Divas. Home Party Divas allows you to work and build locally and in a physical setting.

You know how hard I have worked to promote this group for the obvious need. Therefore, you understand HOW EXCITED I am to start organization this in 2011!

We are having another Meet Up for a new Chapter in the West Palm Beach, FL area on Jan. 19th. Our first Boynton Chapter Meeting, will begin on January 26th. The hostess is Nikki Velasco with Close To My Heart. All of the Monthly Diva Hostesses are listed under Monthly Hostess Spotlight.

I welcome guests to attend to learn more about us. Come and network and maybe you may see something you like. No pressure and no obligation. There is a yearly contribution of $5 to cover administration costs and to reserve your spot. So if we have a spot open and you are interested in joining right there and then have your $5 in cash handy.

I am looking for more members. So if you know of anyone in this area, please send them our way!

Join our Meetup.com group and once approved you will have access to our monthly meetings, members and prospective members.

I look forward to seeing you. Happy New Year!

Remember, Home Party Divas is a free networking group. This group was created to build, support and promote your businesses.

Have fun partying,



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