Give Back in 2011

20 Dec

As you are wrapping up your Holiday Sales and Promotions, now is a good time to think of your charity organizations for the New Year.

Finding a charity you are passionate about is the first step when searching for an organization. There are many out there and during this economy, money donations are more and more difficult to come by.

When I did a fundraiser for Beijo Bags. I asked clients to bring me gently used handbags for a 10% discount on a new bag. I donated these items to Dress for Success and Women In Distress.

Creating a relationship with your organization is a good thing, but not necessary. Doing so can lead to new customers, exposure, network and most importantly you are giving back. Do not get involved in an agency if you are just looking for business. The intention is to give back. So if you are not getting business the way you like then you went in for the wrong reason.

There are a few things to look into when searching for an organization.

  1. How long have they been in existence?
  2. How much money actually goes to the people they are raising money for? You will be surprised how only a small percentage actually is given to the recipients as the rest goes to administrative costs.
  3. Are you passionate about this group? Whether it is for children, animals or the rain forest. Believe in it!
  4. What is the agency looking for? Money and/or actual items?
  5. Maybe you can donate your time.

Ideas for a fundraiser:

  1. You can donate items. Remember items are still money sitting on your shelf. Make sure you budget how much you can donate. Is it $100 a year in items, $500 a year, $1000 a year?
  2. Select a time frame you want to raise a certain amount of money in. If you are donating a portion of your sales, have a goal. Do you want to raise $2,000.00 in one month, two months?
  3. Do you sell Jewelry? Then maybe your customers can donate items that are in good condition that they do not wear anymore for a discount. The items are donated to an organization.
  4. Do you sell Food? Maybe customers can donate non-perishable items and you give them a discount on their new order or they can purchase an item and donate it directly to the agency. Or a percentage of your show sales, the money goes right to the local food bank for perishables and kitchen supplies.
  5. Do you sell Cleaning Products? How about working with Habitat for Humanity. Maybe purchases can go into the new homes for the new owners to use. Again, maybe a portion of your sales can go directly to Habitat.

I personally work with Pennies In Action. The majority of the money donated goes to the recipients of this Breast Cancer Vaccine. You can find out more on their website. It is real research for a real treatment. Women who were eligible to receive this have been breast cancer free for 3-4 years.

Some companies offer their own fund raising efforts. Some companies do not. Sometimes you may want to do more. Either way I hope this gets you thinking. Contact your accountant if you need a tax exempt number. It varies from state to state. Fundraisers will help your sales, community efforts and exposure.

Good luck in your fund raising efforts. Let me know how it goes.



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