Everyone Has to Start Somewhere

9 Dec

The title to this post is perfect- Everyone DOES have to start somewhere. I started this group from nothing. I know a lot of party plan consultants and I wish I could have a party every week with each of them, but in the real world this is not possible. So I  created a networking group from the bottom up.

Old Logo

I am so excited to have Home Party Divas grow the way it is. Interest in this organization is high and the more I find professional women in the home based business industry I get even more excited.

When I was doing my research, I did not come across anything like this. So there isn’t a model I am able to follow. Which is great because with the feedback of its members I can mold  this networking group the way the members would like to see it.

The sole reason for this group is to help support women in direct sales; primarily the home party business model. The group is responsible for its members, conflict resolution and training. I consider this “group owned”. There are group leaders in place and there is a rotation every 3-4 months. Group Leaders volunteer their time and effort to manage and keep good record keeping.

The first year is an experiment. Every month a calcuation of the sales that have been generated, referrals and member retention are sent to me. This is a guide for me to see how the group as a whole is doing. No one will be slapped on the hand because they did not refer that month or bring a guest. But there are incentives in place that I hope will encourage referrals.

I believe that with the smaller group size, members will build connections with each other. I feel my organization is great for the new consultant, someone new to the area and a consultant who does not have the upline support needed to succeed. I am also looking for seasoned consultants who can help support, guide and train these consultants.

Each group consists of one person per industry. Members are approved by the members. Some companies I have seen are Arbonne, Mary Kay, Thirty-One Gifts, Initials, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple, The Gourmet Cupboard,  Premier Designs Jewelry, Silpada, Jewels by Park Lane, Lia Sophia. Just Jewelry,  Miche,  Tupperware, Dove Chocolate Discovers, Close to My Heart, Scentsy, Partylite, to name a few.

The groups welcome guests. I feel this way of invitation is more personable. A guest can see all of the members businesses, products and opportunities with no pressure. I find it a great way for guests to network themselves. During the meetings, there is an introduction by the group leader, a  presentation from the Monthly Hostess for the first hour, 30 second infomercials so guests and members know what each member does, training and group news are for the last 30-45 minutes of the 2 hour meeting.

I look forward to seeing you soon.

Debbie Shulman, Founder

The Diva behind the Home Party Divas


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