Home Party Games

7 Dec

Home Party Games are a fun way to interact with your guests. They learn more about your product, company and opportunity in a fun way!

Some times we are looking for different games to play. Remember, some guests may have the same group of friends and you wouldn’t want the same games. I have added some ideas from other party plan consultants, see if this is something you can incorporate.

The Dice Game….have envelopes numbered 2-12. There is a prize in each envelope. Small gifts & one grand prize. Anyone who doesn’t want to play doesn’t have to. The 1st player rolls the dice & picks that envelope. Move on to the next player until everyone has their envelope. Then, offer them to open their prize & quit playing or book a show to get the grand prize for sure PLUS the gift in the envelope. The grand prize needs to be something really nice that your company offers. Use your host rewards to get these items when you are your own hostess. Submitted by Erika Anderson, Scentsy
Question Game-Label envelopes from 1 to 8. Hand out one envelope to random people in the party. Ask the person with envelope number one to say what is inside. Then go to envelope number two and so forth. Most of the envelopes have questions about the company, products or opportunity. Others just say “Receive a ticket”. The person who reads from their envelope get a ticket towards a free item that will be raffled off. Submitted by Jennifer Watson with Dove Chocolate Discoveries
Purse Game- I have seen this at parties. Every lady has a Handbag. Use your company’s letters to find things in a ladies bag.  So each letter stands for something about your company. The ladies have to find  things in their purses with the letter you call out. Then explain what that letter is for. The first lady to pull it from their purse gets a raffle ticket again for a drawing. It is funny seeing these ladies digging in their handbags. It is amazing to see what they have in there.


Make your prizes when possible from your catalog. If you sell jewelry why not be a item from your collection. It can be host rewards you received or discounted items to save you money.
I am sure you have many more interesting and fun games. I am sure our readers would love to hear it.

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