Are you listening to your customer?

4 Dec

Many times we are so excited about a new product or a new opportunity we want to share it with everyone. We talk and talk, but are we listening? I was always trained talk less earn more, talk more earn less.

I had a consultant contact me about a particular situation, here is her story.

“I e-mailed a consultant from a networking group I belong to asking a question about a product I would like to purchase. I asked her to please call me when she had a moment and gave her my number. She emailed me and explained something about the item that I did not even ask and said I could call her if I wanted to order and gave me her number. I feel like she did not take care of my request. This was a question that I did not want to explain in an email.  Am I being too picky, should she of called me like I asked?”

I don’t feel you are being too picky when looking for a caring consultant. In today’s market, we are losing simple quality customer service skills. If she worked during the day, she could have simply said “I work during the day, is it alright if I call you after dinner?”

Pay attention to what your customer is asking of you. I have a funny story and I hope not to offend. But this is my blog and I want to put this across in a very serious way, but have fun doing it.

A while back, a long while back. I had a boyfriend and we went to a strip club. Not a normal Friday night routine. But something different. It was a classy place considering it was a strip club. Needless to say, I saw girls at the front dancing. Men were walking up just giving them money. Gee, I thought that is not very hard. We sat in the back with a few drinks. Not one dancer came up to us. I thought to myself, “Why would a guy just go up to a girl and give her money?” I felt that she needed to WORK IT. Work the room, smile at the people. If she went that extra step she may not of gotten $500 that night, but maybe $1000!!!

I am not trying to compare any one of my consultants to a stripper. But it is business. If she dances to make money. You sell candles to make money. Go that extra mile and take care of your customers request. If the customer would like you to call at 2, don’t nonchalantly call at 2:30 thinking that is ok. She may be in a meeting herself. Time is precious. Honor it.

So as a consultant and a business woman, listen to your customers needs. The customer opened the door for a conversation; a connection. Grab this opportunity.

Now, I followed up with this lady’s question and asked did she call the consultant “No,” she said. “Why would I want to hand over my money to someone if they could not listen to my request. I am not the one looking for the sale.”

Everyone is different. You may of still done business with this person. Maybe up line is training her that she can run her business via email. But not all people do run their business with email. This was a customer. Just because she as another consultant does not mean she should be treated any differently. She can refer you to her friends and family. Look beyond the initial sale.

So when a customer is asking for a call or a return email or a photo of something. Go that extra mile and listen to her request. It will show.

If you have a question, feel free to email me at homepartydivas (at) yahoo (dot) com.



2 Responses to “Are you listening to your customer?”

  1. Susie December 5, 2010 at 12:09 am #

    Words to live by and something everyone needs to be reminded of every now and again. This is also something that can help in everyday life not just the customer/vendor relationship. Thanks for the reminder!

    • homepartydivas December 5, 2010 at 12:58 am #

      Thank you,Susie. All too often people who don’t listen often are the ones who get hurt. I teach this to my children everyday. If you don’t listen, when I tell you not to cross the street- you get hit by a car. When businesses do not listen to their customers and do what they want to do like children- they get hurt. Lose sales, lose clients, close down, and/or get a bad rap. Listening to the customer should be a top priority and not dismissed. Be proactive. Look for an alternative if possible.

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