A Tip to Keep Customers Loyal

28 Oct

Consumers are smarter today than the consumers of the past. Information is now at the tip of their fingers thanks to the Internet. In the Business World, the Insurance Company on Street B is no longer in competition with the Insurance Company on Street C. He is competing for the same market share with insurance companies from all over the US.Customers search for sales at stores online. I know I will check out 3-5 stores to get the best price for the same item. The Yellow Pages is becoming thinner. Advertising does have its place but can be costly. And most of direct sales representatives can not advertise in traditional methods.

It costs more money to find a new client than it is to retain an existing one. So what will make you stand out over all of the other direct sales representatives who represent the same direct sales company you are in? You are all offering the same product, service, price, and hostess rewards. Would you say it could be the Relationship you create? There is a new and up and coming term to describe this. It is called Relationship Marketing.

Therefore the question is- What will keep the clients you build loyal to you? Not only loyal, but who will refer more clients to you.

The answer is very simple and affordable. The way to send your thoughtful, genuine appreciation is sending cards.

There is an art to sending cards. E-mails are impersonal. They have their place in the business world. But a true genuine thought and communication will not touch the persons’ emotions as a card would. An e-mail gets deleted. A phone call ends and you both hang up. But a card is saved. Who does not like receiving cards and gifts? If one doesn’t they may be a very angry person.

Think of the times you go the mail box. Feel the emotion of finding a bill, another bill, an ad, a circulation, oh, what is this? Your eyes open. A feeling of anticipation overflows because it is a real card, with a real stamp!!! You open it and it is from your ________ Consultant. It is a beautiful card expressing appreciation for hosting your show. You get a smile on your face. You even realized that when she took a photo of your friends at the party, she put it in the card. This is a card you will save. This is a wonderful reminder that your _____________ Consultant took the time and energy to express sincere thanks.

This has been told time and time again. People do business with people they know, like and trust. People will leave a business if they feel that the company wouldn’t care if they left. That is called indifference.

Here is a story of just that; my friend who is an insurance rep (I will call her Anna) was working really hard on a prospects’ new insurance policy. When it was complete, the wife presented it to her husband. He said he was with his insurance rep for 6 years and did not want to change. The wife felt so bad, because she knew how hard Anna worked on the policy. Anna was discouraged but she sent a card to the couple with a gift card in it ($5 Starbucks card) and apologized that they could not work together at this time. And maybe they can work together in the future.

The husband was so impressed with the emotion he felt when he received the card and gift that he told his wife they will go with Anna, because never once in 6 years did his rep send him a card; let alone a card with a gift.

So which end of this story do you want to be on? Do you want to be the rep that lost the business because of indifference or be the rep who gained business because you sent a card?

One tip you should ALWAYS pay attention to are birthday cards. I understand the intention is to send good wishes to your customer, but then it is ruined with a coupon in the card. Ok, so you are telling me you want to give them a discount. That is fine. However, my question to you is- do you want to send a genuine birthday card or a discount? It cannot be both at least not in the same card.

Ask yourself this- before you send out a card- are you truly sending this card to GIVE or to GET? The genuine feeling is lost when you are wishing them a Happy Birthday and then at a different conscious level you want them to spend money with you. Keep it simple. Here is an example.


Dear Sandy,
I want to wish you an amazing Birthday!

All the best to you on your special day.


Stacy, Your ______________ Consultant

That’s it! Simple, sweet, to the point. If you want to send a coupon, send it at another time. Send your birthday discount in an email if you want.
I hope you can see the importance of expressing appreciation to your clients. I hope this article will help you stop and think about what your intention is when sending a card. By creating relationships, collecting birthdays and anniversary dates from your clients and thinking of them when they are not feeling well; are simple ways your customer will know you are there.




2 Responses to “A Tip to Keep Customers Loyal”

  1. Erika November 29, 2010 at 7:31 pm #

    Great post! The heart-felt card alone leaves a strong impression. A month before I delivered my daughter I attended the birthday of a little boy in my daugther’s sunday school class. A few weeks after the baby was born the grandmother of the boy called to see how I was doing & asked for my address. About a week later I got a card in the mail. I remember seeing it & wondering who in the world it could be from – then there was a gift card inside! It was from her. I do not know if she is in business or not, but I have certainly not forgotten her first or last name & would gladly do business with her if given the opportunity. (Of course, I sent a thank-you card)

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