Why I Started HPD

25 Oct

Home Party Divas was started for one reason and one reason only. To help home party direct sales consultants.

I love having parties for two main reasons: to get my items for free or at a discount and most importantly to help small women business owners.

The sense of knowing I may of found a new distributor for them or a new hostess through one of my parties was very satisfying to me. If I could have a party every week I would have. However, over a period of time I did not want to keep asking my family, friends and associates to come to a party.  Yet, I still wanted to help. So one day, I prayed and asked, “How can I help small women business owners, like myself, to grow, meet new people and enhance their lives?”

Home Party Divas came to me. I knew there were online home parties through Yahoo Groups and an offline networking group up in a city not close to me. But I took it a few steps further than just purchasing items from someone. Here are the three missions:

  1. Increase in Sales- Once a month we have a Monthly Hostess. Members are required to make a minimum dollar purchase at the Monthly Hostess Show. This will help a Hostess with her monthly sales.
  2. Business Building- Members are encouraged to bring a guest or two. These guests may be interested in a direct sales business, may want  to host a show or place an order. Guests ARE NOT required to place an order. They will also be around multiple direct sales opportunities and hopefully will find a person they trust and business they can represent.
  3. Tips and Techniques- The last 30-45 minutes of the 2 hour meeting will be about tips to have a successful show, creating relationships with your existing customers, show encouragement and recognition to your downline. We will mastermind our ideas together to create camraderie and trust.

If you believe that not every opportunity is for everyone  and have a passion for the direct sales industry, if you want to be a leader and learn how to help your downline grow, then join our group. E-mail me at homepartydivas@yahoo.com and join us on Facebook.

We plan on growing all across the United States. So if you are interested to bring Home Party Divas to a town near you- contact me today.

Warm Regards,


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