Direct Sale Reps leave a bad taste in my mouth

29 Sep

Direct Sale Representatives usually get a bad wrap. There are many people, for many reasons who are left with a bad taste in their mouth when they hear about direct sales or MLM. They associate it with scams or a person who was pushing distributorship way too much. Now while there have been a few scams out there and pushy people. There are many that are not. Companies are only as good as its distributors. Many of the most successful distributors are ones who understand this. I know I do not want to be known as the distributor who throws up all over my contacts.

Like in traditional business, I have been scammed by plumbers, electricians, car salesman, and stockbrokers who took my money and didn’t finish a job or invested in the wrong stocks for their own financial gain. Many people were scammed by Madoff. Yet, we still invest. We still have our checking accounts. There are many good companies out there, with good morals and values with incredible products and services. Keep that in mind when someone offers you an opportunity.

In my SendOutCards business, I have come across customers who were told there was only one package- the Entrepreneur package. I have gained these people as customers, because I listened to THEIR needs. They did not want to do it as a  business and did not want to invest over $300.00. And with my honesty, I have built trust and integrity with them. I have also had people who were customers who upgraded down the road to a Distributor when THEY were ready.

Direct Sales is not about us. It is about the customer. It is about the team we build and their goals. Once they identify what they want, it will ultimately help you as their upline.

Do what you feel is comfortable for you- your style, your manners, your attitude. But always remember it is the person you are talking to whose opinion matters the most.


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